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Abrupt Mutations (Dalkey, 2018) by E.L. Revol. Translated by Priscilla Hunter from Mutaciones bruscas (1971).

"John O’Brien has always been great at finding obscure classics that are unique in style, voice, subject matter. These books are . . . also incredibly refreshing to read . . . And Abrupt Mutations is the most Dalkey book that I’ve read in a long time."

-- Chad Post, Three Percent

"Red Ana and Driving Blind: The Hyperreal and Eliseo Subiela's Search for the Present and Suprarealism in Wake Up Love (1996)." In Eliseo Subiela, The Poet of Latin American Cinema (Mellen 2014)

"In addition, my thanks go to Priscilla Hunter for her work on some of the translations. This was a huge boost at a critical moment in getting this book finished."

--Nancy Membrez, Editor, Eliseo Subiela, The Poet of Latin American Cinema